Gerriets develops new acoustic technology for the Elbphilharmonie concert hall

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Gerriets variable acoustic systems used in the Great and Small Hall of the most famous concert hall in the world .

Variable acoustic solutions played a decisive role in the planning and realization of Hamburg's new landmark. In the past, concert halls were designed to focus on just one specific type of music or had their acoustic qualities compromised, therefore producing merely average sound for many different types of concerts. Today these compromises are unnecessary thanks to targeted acoustics. Targeted acoustics allow for a multifunctional use of concert halls. These acoustic solutions include, among others, variable roller banners from Gerriets, which can be found in the Great Hall and the Small Hall of the new Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany. Thanks to the sound absorption qualities of the roller banners, the reverberation times can be easily adapted to the various functions of the halls. 

In the Small Hall, 52 G-SORBER acoustic roller banner systems are lowered from the ceiling. The banners’ layers of ABSORBER CS acoustic fabric ensure the perfect auditory experience. In addition to these acoustic advantages, the G-SORBER acoustic roller banner system can be driven completely into the ceiling when not in use, thus allowing an unimpaired view of the halls’ artistic interiors. 

The Great Hall boasts a brand-new technology. Here, the acoustic roller banners are not lowered from the ceiling, but rise up from the parquet floor. Thus, a total of 81 banners can be completely lowered into the floor, creating a flush surface. Thanks to its installation in the floor, the ceiling space is opened up for the famous "white skin", which has a decisive influence on the sound of the new Elbphilharmonie. For the banners in the Great Hall, Gerriets also designed and developed an exclusive, highly absorbent and extremely hard-wearing textile.